Britains Got Talent Bingo

Official 90 Ball Bingo Game for ITVS's Britains Got Talent Bingo

5 Free play for New Players

Britains Got Talent Bingo

Britains Got Talent Bingo is a ninety ball online bingo game with the usaul 1 line, 2 line and full house jackpots, but also has some extra special bonuses. Including: the Lucky Number Jackpot where the player chooses 3 lucky numbers before the game starts. If the player then wins a line with one of those lucky numbers as the last ball, then they win an extra cash prize of 5 for one line or up 500 for a full house.

The other bonus is Star Struck Bonus Scratch Card which can appear during a game to offer the player a bonus prize ranging from 10p to 10 by way of an online scratch card. The player just needs to scratch off 3 Britains Got Talent 'X' symbols to reveal 3 matching symbols.

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